John Henry

Hat John Henry Always Wears When Drinking Appletinis on His Yacht

Where to begin with this story?!

As many of you already know, in 2011 Marco Scutaro (“Scoot” to his admirers) had one of the greatest second halves of a baseball season the major leagues has ever seen! And this performance was all the more remarkable given the fact that his team, the Boston Red Sox, had a September collapse of epic proportions!

(Given the importance of Scutaro to his team, especially after the September Collapse, it was not surprising that the Red Sox planned to pick up the option on Scoot’s 2012 season as soon as they could after the season ended.)

John Henrys Yacht

John Henry's Yacht

In early October, prior to the Sox picking up Scoot’s option year, John Henry, principle owner of the Red Sox, invited Scoot to have dinner with him on his yacht, the Iroquois. Henry wanted to discuss the press conference scheduled for the next day where he and several others would be in attendance for Red Sox Manager Terry Francona’s official firing.

Scoot agreed to have dinner with John because he sensed that Mr. Henry was having trouble dealing with everything that had happened to the Red Sox from September 1st on. (As we all know now, the ONLY bright spot in that disastrous month was Scoot!)

As soon as Scoot arrived, John offered Scoot an appletini, his favorite pre-dinner cocktail when on the yacht. As usual, Scoot declined (he never takes a drink of alcohol). Scoot saw John already had his famous “appletini hat” on and noticed that John’s eyes were bit glassy – probably not on his first appletini of the evening, Scoot thought!

After dinner, Scoot decided to take a stroll along the pier where the yacht was docked. It was during Scoot’s stroll that Mr. Henry took his now famous “fall on the yacht”. When he came too, he looked out one of the windows and thought he saw Scoot walking on water. (Then again, maybe he did!)

Ever since that “walking on water” moment, John Henry has told everyone in the Red Sox organization that Scoot was his right hand man and that he (Scoot) MUST be involved in EVERY Red Sox decision!