Say it ain’t so, Ben!! Scoot to the Rockies for a Triple A pitcher so the Sox can then sign a 33 year old over the hill #4 starter?! You’re kidding!!

Scutaro_Gone From _Sox

Scutaro_Gone From _Sox

The splintered bat in this Scutaro photo is symbolic of the fact the Sox have dealt themselves and The Nation a mortal blow for the 2012 season.

And how could John Henry approve this trade?! Marco single handedly brought sanity to an insane ball club with his unbelievable play in the second half of the 2011 season. And rumor also has it that Scoot saved John’s life on several occasions during that awful Sox collapse when the Appletinis flowed a little too freely on Henry’s yacht and John had to be pulled out of Boston Harbor by none other than Scoot, Henry’s all but adopted son!

So instead of watching Scutaro have a Hall of Fame season at short stop, we now have another no-name at short and and a “DL Watch” for a washed up 8 million dollar man aka Roy Oswalt!

So long but not good bye, Marco Scutaro! The Sox have made another unbelievably bad personnel move and The Nation has lost a true giant!