Only for Scutaro! A “Victory Parade” just for showing up!

Scoot Welcomed to Denver

Scoot Welcomed to Denver!

The streets of Denver were flooded with ecstatic Rockies fans last week to welcome Marco Scutaro to town! (This was of course before the February Blizzard buried Denver in 2 feet of snow!)

Denver Mayor Mike Hancock presented Scoot with the Keys to the City in a ceremony at City Hall. Then the festivities really began!

A parade from City Hall to Coors Field lasted over 2 hours – the photo above shows what Market Street looked like as the Scoot Parade went by.

Rockies fans were unanimous in their praise of Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd. “O’Dowd STOLE Scutaro from the Sox!”, one fan was heard to say. Another exclaimed, “This was the one key trade the Rockies had to make to get them back to the World Series!”

Naturally, Marco Scutaro took all of this in stride. Although he was thrilled by the welcome he received from Rockies fans, his thoughts flashed back to poor John Henry, alone again on his yacht in Boston Harbor with only his wife, Linda Pizzuti (affectionately known to Sox fans as “Judy Kazuti”) and his crew of 25 to keep him company.

With Scoot’s departure to Denver, it now appears that both the Sox front office and John Henry are lost at sea!