Frustrated John Henry at News Scoot Traded

Frustrated John Henry at News Scoot Traded

This blog has learned from reliable sources that Red Sox owner John W. Henry has entered into secret negotiations with Colorado Rockies senior management to buy that baseball franchise!

Why you ask? Simple. John Henry’s all-time favorite binky, Marco Scutaro, was traded to the Rockies last Fall without the “full” knowledge of his biggest fan, John W.!

How could that happen? Well, for openers, the deal was done and signed off by Henry on his yacht, the Iroquois. As we’ve learned the hard way over the last 6 months, decisions made on that infamous boat, especially decisions involving the Red Sox, have not been made with John W’s “full attention”. (To that point, we’ve learned that the crew of the Iroquois has affectionately nicknamed Henry “The Grey Goose” because of his edict that only Grey Goose vodka be used in his favorite on-board beverage, the appletini.)

So, in an effort to rectify what Henry has been heard to call “the all-time dumbest trade in baseball history”, he has decided to spend millions to get back his super star, Marco “Scoot” Scutaro!

Stay tuned for further updates as more details about this baseball bombshell get reported on this blog!